In the VIP-hall of Vladivostok International Airport, all conditions are created for those who value their time and comfort. Here, while waiting for the flight, you can spend in the atmosphere of a relaxing holiday or use it for business negotiations and meetings.
An excellent understanding of the principles of first-class service is one of the key professional competencies of our employees. Entrusting them with the care of compliance with all the formalities associated with the design of the flight, you can safely do more important things.

The VIP room is in the left wing of terminal A.

The package of services provides for the first-class service for particularly important clients:

  • meeting a passenger (or a group of passengers) at the plane airstairs;

  • delivering luggage and cabin bags to a plane and out of it;

  • registration, baggage handling and preflight inspection in the VIP room;

  • individual going through all preflight and postflight formalities;

  • Wi-Fi, television, press;

  • escorting those meeting and seeing off around the VIP room;

  • bringing a passenger using special vehicles from a plane to the VIP room;

Additional services:

  • rent of the conference hall;

  • rent of meeting rooms;

  • technical support of business events;

  • bar services;

  • luggage packing;

  • There is a loyalty programme tailored for frequently flying clients enabling them to be provided services in the VIP room on special conditions.

The tariffs for service of passengers in a VIP-lounge see here.

To order the room services and to obtain more detailed information on the loyalty programme, contact us in any way convenient:
Telephone: (924)-730-40-46
Telephone/fax: +7 (423) 230-67-99

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