Dear passengers!

Security is a priority part at the work of our airline. The work of the Aviation Security Service aims is to be ensured that every passenger feel confident and calm at the airport and on board the aircraft. This task requires a number of procedures.

At the entrance of the airport terminals are equipped with a special pre-screening items. Incoming passengers, persons accompanying them, or met, and things, which are with them are used to be preliminary examinated by using specuall technical instruments to screening.
Before boarding the aircraft, each passenger and things, which are with him, and baggage undergo pre-flight inspection. The passenger, who declined to undergo pre-flight inspection and present their belongings for inspection, the flight is not allowed.

Production inspection at the airport in special areas (inspection points), equipped with stationary technical means of inspection and surveillance systems, as well as the premises for personal (individual) inspection.

JSC «Vladivostok International Airport» take a great attention to quality customer service. Inspection is a procedure that people are rarely associated with positive emotions. We understand the feelings of the passengers, so our employees make every effort to ensure that the requirements respecting the security, causing passengers to a minimum of discomfort.

A review of the security officers, we can send a feedback form or contact by phone 8 (423) 2306905