Piority activity of JSC «International airport of Vladivostok." is a provision of civil protection of passengers, airport employees and airline.
Main goal of the civil protection — reducing the risk of harm to people and property, control of possible risks, maintaining a given level of forces and assets intended for emergency and crisis situations, providing the necessary means of civil protection.

For information on prevention and action in emergency situations, the restrictions imposed in the area of airport security and performance of air transportation, please contact:

On civil protection — in the Department of Civil Protection, Head — Boris Evgrafovich Demin, phone: 8 (423) 230-68-85, Email: DeminBE@vvo.aero.

Ensure that quarantine measures at the airport:

  • in the service of veterinary inspection: 8 (423) 230-76-99
  • In the service of pest control: 8 (423) 230-76-90
  • For information about the threat or occurrence of ES supply:
  • Any official of the airport;
  • In case of fire, and emergency phone: 01 or 8 (423) 230-69-00.

Actions in case of emergency:

In case of fire, fire alarm, evacuation announcement — immediately, guided evacuation scheme and signal boards, the shortest way to leave the room and placed in the location specified by airport officials.

With the threat of natural or man-made strictly follow the instructions transmitted to the information on the airport or the instructions of officials in evacuation and performing the activities of individual and collective protection.