Luggage damage

If you have received your baggage in bad order, or it is damaged or some of its content is missing you can appeal to the airport agent present during the baggage receiving process where they will explain you the order of further actions.

With the property irregularity report, address to:

  • the airport arrival customs zone (if you have come from abroad);
  • terminal (if you have come by domestic airline).

If you fail to comply with the rules, the decision about the property report will be taken by your carrier airline.

Lost luggage

If you fail to find your baggage by the end of baggage receiving process, please address to the airport staff where you will be advised what to do next. Mostly the baggage is sent to the passenger by the airline — carrier within 5 days after you have declared about the baggage non-arrival. You can get the necessary information about baggage search process by calling:

8 (423) 230 6843  8.00:20.00
8 (423) 230 6833, 8 (423) 230 6836  (around the clock).