Transportation of oversized baggage (dimensions of one piece of baggage exceeding 50×50×100 cm) requires an additional payment at the cashier’s office in the airport or airline.

If the weight of your baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, you will need to pay the difference in weight according to the rate in the cash payment of excess baggage. Transportation of oversized baggage is charged at its actual weight.

Payment shall be certified by excess baggage receipt. Employee airport, carrying baggage, validate payment and give you a boarding pass.

Racks for payment of excess baggage are located near the island of registration in the registration area of the Russian and international flights.

Payment for excess baggage is made for each kilogram in excess of the free baggage allowance in accordance with rates established airline carriers.

Baggage measuring more than 500×500×1000 mm is accepted for transportation only with the permission of the carrier in the presence of free tonnage. The passenger must provide to the heavy, long, large baggage arrangements for registration of its labels for the transportation, loading and unloading by means of mechanization, which is equipped with the airport.

Warning: when fully loaded aircraft, and with a considerable weight of your baggage exceeds the free baggage, you can refuse to transport. We recommend this issue to agree with the representative of the airline and specify when purchasing tickets.