According to the laws of the Russian Federation foreign citizen or stateless persons (foreign citizen) at the entrance to the Russian Federation must obtain and complete a migration card, which contains information about the foreign citizen and serves to control for his temporary stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, and at the exit from the Russian Federation should be returned (return) at a checkpoint at the state border of the Russian Federation.

You can fill any forms of migration card directly into the arrivals hall. To do this, before the passport control line are equipped with special racks.

The order of completion of migration cards

Exit and entrance of the migration card (coupons «A» and «B») are filled with personal documents of the owners who have the right to enter and stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, clearly, without errors and corrections ink or ballpoint pen (black, blue or purple) .
Foreigners fill out both parts of the migration card and handed her an employee of border controls, together with a passport and other identity and travel documents.

If the foreigner does not speak Russian, they may be filled out information about themselves in English in accordance with the data in the passport or another document certifying his identity. Graphs of the migration card filled in clearly in block letters.
To indicate the gender and purpose of the trip the passenger used an «X» stamped in the appropriate boxes.

Foreign nationals who arrived in the Russian Federation must register with the territorial authority in the FMS for 3 days after arrival at destination, or in the course of a day when staying in a hotel or other organization providing accommodation services (with the exception of foreign nationals registered under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The exit part of the migration card (B) should be stored in the passport of the passenger to the border control at the exit of the Russian Federation.

The migration card is completed for each foreign citizen, regardless of age.

If a passenger, for whatever reason are unable to complete a migration card, he comes to the aid worker migration service.