At your service - luggage storage and hand luggage, located on the first level of the airport terminal. The entrance to the storage room is behind the escalator.

Rules for using the left-luggage office:

 For storage, things are accepted in any packaging that ensures safety, excluding free access to the contents, damage and pollution of things of other customers and the equipment of the left-luggage office.
The weight of one piece of baggage should not exceed 30 kg.
Fruits, vegetables and other products are accepted for storage only in packaging; the administration is not responsible for their natural damage.
Glass and other breakable items are accepted only in the package with the inscription "Caution - glass"
Explosive, flammable, easily flammable and unpleasantly smelling substances are not accepted for storage. Weapons and cartridges for it, live bird and other animals, documents, money, jewelry.
Receiving things: when receiving things from the left-luggage office, the client must present the number to the storekeeper and give the surname.
The delivery of things from the left-luggage office is made out of turn
Things not received by the owner within 6 months from the date of acceptance for storage are considered unclaimed and sold in the prescribed manner.
If the customer loses the number, things are issued on the basis of his application, upon presentation of his documents and evidence of his belongings.
Compensation for the loss of a license plate is 500 rubles.
Payment rate:

The cost of storing one piece of baggage is 400 rubles from the moment of check-in until 23.59 current days.
For subsequent storage - 200 rubles per day for each piece of baggage. In this case, incomplete days are paid as full.
Payment for the first day is made upon check-in. Extra charge for subsequent storage - upon baggage claim.
Re-submission is payable according to the current price list. Any leash is considered an additional place.
Items for storage are accepted with declared value.
Client losses due to loss or damage made during storage of items are subject to compensation within the amount of the assessment (Article 923 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, in 7.1.12)
The working hours are around the clock.

Left-luggage office phone: 8 (800) 555-52-44