Fast Track - accelerated passage of official procedures by a passenger.

Airport employees accompany the passenger when going through pre-flight formalities, which significantly reduces the time for their passage.

Fast Track service for:

- going through formalities on an individual basis, excluding queues and waiting;

Pre-flight formalities, official procedures include: check-in for the flight, pre-flight screening. Fast Track also includes personalized service and assistance in preparing the necessary documents.

Tariff for serving passengers out of turn "FAST TRACK"

The cost of servicing a passenger for departure 
rub / pass.
01.01.2021 3000
Family fare (for departure) (up to 4 people) * 
rub / pass.
01.01.2021 6 000
One additional child from 2 to 12 years old
rub / pass.
01.01.2021 1 500
The cost of servicing groups of passengers (from 5 to 30 people) for departure 
rub / pass.
01.01.2021 2 500

* For families up to 4 people, including children under 12 years old. Services for children under 2 years of age are free of charge.

To order the service, call:

8 (423) 230-69-26 business center, 8 (423) 230-68-38 / mob. +7 924 730 03 48 shift supervisor of the SOAP.

Be ready to give the flight number, departure date, as well as provide information on the number of people, baggage availability.

Note: in the event of a failure that may result in a delay in the departure of the flight, the agent has the right to refuse to provide the service, after which the money is returned to the passenger.

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