Dear passengers!

We recommend you read the rules of registration in order to spend your flight well.

  • Depending on the type of an aircraft, flight direction and airline, check-in can start at 1–2 hours before departure.
  • Check-in does not finish later than 40 minutes before departure, except as specifically set forth in the agreement with the airline. You are advised to specify the exact time of beginning and end of check-in at the representative office of the airline.
  • To check-in you need to show your ticket, passport and all the things you are planning to transfer. After check-in you need to get the ticket and the baggage tag, boarding pass, passenger’s excess baggage ticket (when transferring excess or oversized baggage) and hand baggage. First class passengers are check-in out of line and have an individual check-in of passengers’ tickets and baggage. Supreme comfort waiting area is also available for firs class passengers.
  • Passengers who have not complete check-in, security, customs and immigration formalities before boarding will not be accepted for the flight!

Check-in specialties for domestic air terminal

  • For guarantee the accident control measure at the entrance to the airport there is special examination equipment for all airport visitors. Before the preflight control you may define the flight information on the information board or on the special monitors. In case if the check-in is in process you should proceed to check- in counters. Check-in counters are located on the first floor of the domestic terminal.
  • After the check-in you will need to proceed on the second floor for boarding.

Check-in specialties for international air terminal

  • If you travel abroad it is necessary for you to pass security control and customs control before check-in.
  • You may check-in, pass border control and customs control on the first floor of the international terminal.