If you have baggage which exceeds the standard weight set by the airline of your travel class service (excess baggage):

  • After weighing your baggage, the airport agent will indicate the actual quantity and weight of your baggage in the flight coupon and direct you to the cashier in the check-in zone or to the representative of the airline to manage the payment issue. The difference between actual weight and free baggage standard weight is paid according to the set rate.
  • After you have paid you need to get the baggage paid receipt. You pay for each kilogramme, exceeding the standard weight, according to the rates set by the airline providing transportation.
  • After the agent has checked and withdrawn the corresponding coupon from the excess baggage ticket, you are supposed to get the boarding pass.

Don’t forget to preliminary specify the rules of excess baggage transportation in airline office.

Overdimensional baggage transportation (1 baggage piece overall dimensions exceed 50×50×100cm) require extra payment at the airport cashier or in the airline office. The airport employee who checks in the baggage will make sure that the payment is made correctly and give you the boarding pass.

The airline has the right to refuse to transport items that do not comply with the transportation standard weight. You are advised to specify information about the rules of transportation of oversized baggage when buying the ticket.