The list of substances and items prohibited for carriage on board aircraft.

Crew members and passengers authorized to carry on board an aircraft in compliance with the conditions required the following items and substances

In checked baggage:

  • Crossbows, underwater guns, swords, sabers, cutlasses, scimitars, cutlasses, swords, swords, bayonets, daggers, knives: hunting, knives out blades, with a latched locks, replicas of weapons of any kind;
  • Household knifes (scissors) with the length of the blade (blade) over 60 mm;
  • Alcoholic beverages containing more than 24% but not more than 70% alcohol by volume with a capacity of not more than 5 liters in containers intended for retail sale — no more than 5 liters per passenger;
  • Liquids and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content by volume of not more than 24%;
  • Spray intended for use in sporting or home use, cans which are protected by caps on the spontaneous release of the contents of a capacity of no more than 0.5 kg or 500 ml — no more than 2 kg or 2 liters per passenger;

In the hand luggage:

  • Medical thermometer — one on the passenger;
  • Mercury tonometer in a standard box — one for the passenger;
  • Mercury barometer or manometer, packaged in an airtight container and sealed stamp of the sender;
  • Disposable lighters — one on the passenger;
  • Dry ice for cooling perishable products — no more than 2 kg per passenger;
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide — not more than 100 ml per passenger;
  • Liquids, gels and aerosols related to non-hazardous:
  • A capacity of no more than 100 ml (or the equivalent in other volumetric measurements), packed in a secure transparent plastic bag of not more than 1 liter — one bag per passenger.
  • Liquids in containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted even if the container is partially filled.
  • The exception for medicines, baby food and special dietary needs.
  • Liquids purchased in duty free shops at the airport or on board an aircraft should be packaged in a securely sealed (sealed) plastic package that provides access to the identification of the contents of the bag during the flight on which there is credible evidence that the purchase is made in airport duty free shops or on board an aircraft in the day (days) of travel.

The list is prohibited to carry on board an aircraft crew members and passengers in checked baggage and belongings of the passengers, dangerous substances and articles:

1) explosives, explosive materials and objects, they filled: all kinds of powder, in any package, and in any quantity; military ammo (including small-caliber) cartridges for gas weapon; caps (caps), hunting, fireworks: signal and lighting missiles, bullets signaling, planting bombs, smoke cartridges (Checkers), demolition matches, sparklers, firecrackers rail, TNT, dynamite, thick, ammonal and other explosives, blasting caps, detonators, electrodetonators, electric igniter, detonator and fuse, and so on;

2) Compressed and liquefied gases: gases for domestic use (butane, propane) and other gases, gas cylinders filled with nerve agent exposure and tear, etc.;

3) Flammable liquids: acetone, gasoline, flammable petroleum samples, methanol, methyl acetate (methyl ester), carbon disulfide, ethers, etiltsellozola;

4) Flammable solids: substances subject to spontaneous combustion, substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water: potassium, sodium, calcium metal and their alloys, calcium, phosphorous, etc., phosphorus, white, yellow and red and all other substances categorized as flammable solids;

5) oxidizing substances and organic peroxides: nitrocellulose colloid, granules or flakes, dry or moist, with less than 25% water or solvent, colloidal cellulose nitrate, in the piece, wet, containing at least 25% alcohol, dry or wet nitrocellulose containing less than 30% solvent and 20% water, etc.;

6) toxic substances;

7) The radioactive material;

8) corrosives: strong inorganic acids: hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and others hydrofluoric (hydrofluoric acid) and other strong acids and corrosive substances;

9) Poisonous and toxic substances: Any poisonous potent and toxic substances in liquid or solid, packed in any container, brucine, nicotine, strychnine, tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, antifreeze, brake fluid, ethylene glycol, mercury, and all salts of hydrocyanic acid and cyanide agents; cyclone tsianplav, arsenous anhydride, etc.;

10) Weapons: pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and other firearms, gas, air guns, stun devices, daggers, stilettos, landing a bayonet-knives, except in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Items that have a sign on the packaging of dangerous goods for carriage in the cabin and hold baggage is not permitted.

Things not to be carried as a baggage:
Refrigerators, washing machines, sewing machine foot, bikes, scooters, mopeds, bicycles, sporting and hunting boats, motors to them, bulky machinery and spare parts (samples of industrial products, equipment, devices designed to enterprises, organizations), bulky items and items household items (dimensions of which exceed 500×500×1000 mm), televisions, tape recorders, radios, weighing over 10 kg.