Deployment combined with the Ministry of Defence of Class «A», Vladivostok Airport (airport Knevichi) is located 4.5 km north-west of Artem, 38 km northeast of Vladivostok. Conaidering the economic, geopolitical and territorial importance, the order of the Government of Russian Federation № 1304-r of 17.07.1992, the Vladivostok airport assigned to international category.

Vladivostok Airfield (Knevichi) has two runways with artificial turf runway, Runway 1 and Runway 2.

Runway-1 size 3500×60:

  • with MK251 ° ensures that takeoffs / landings of aircraft about the category II ICAO (30×350 meters).
  • with MK071 ° ensures that takeoffs / landings of aircraft about the category I ICAO (60×550 meters).

The band is qualified to receive all types of aircraft without limits.

RWY 2 sizes 3500×60, are not categorized by the standards of ICAO

At the airport taxiway are trunk (RD-M) connecting the ends of the runway-1 and ten connecting taxiways.

At the airport, based aircraft airline Vladivostok Air and Siberia (S7).
Vladivostok Airport receives aircraft Tu-204, IL-76, IL-96, AN-124, A-310, A-319, A-320, A-321, A-330, B-737, B-747, B-757, B-767, B-777 and other aircraft class below.

The airport has two civilian platform: the platform «A» (new) and in the platform «В» with 46 parking places the aircraft I — III class. Platform «A» is designed for 23 parking places, in the platform «В» 23.