monday, 23 january 2017
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Vladivostok airport opens direct air service to Bangkok. More...

Reminder to travelers

Please complete your own check-in and your baggage check-in at the terminal during the interval from 2 hours to 40 minutes prior to departure.

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FlightАirlinesDestination (via)Date of flightStatus
HZ-5468Aurora AirlinesBeijingJan 23, 00:50Departed
SU-5468AeroflotBeijingJan 23, 00:50Departed
S7-4617S7 AirlinesBeijingJan 23, 00:50Departed
S7-541S7 AirlinesBangkokJan 23, 01:25Delayed
UZB-3586Uzbekistan AirwaysTashkentJan 23, 02:30On schedule
HZ-5614Aurora AirlinesP-KamchatskiyJan 23, 06:00On schedule
SU-5614AeroflotP-KamchatskiyJan 23, 06:00On schedule
HZ-5600Aurora AirlinesKhabarovskJan 23, 07:10On schedule
SU-5600AeroflotKhabarovskJan 23, 07:10On schedule
S7-3207S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 08:10On schedule
SU-3860AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 08:10On schedule
S7-3280S7 AirlinesNovosibirskJan 23, 08:50On schedule
HZ-517Aurora AirlinesKavalerovoJan 23, 09:00On schedule
SU-1701AeroflotSheremetyevoJan 23, 09:20On schedule
HZ-523Aurora AirlinesTerneyJan 23, 09:25On schedule
HZ-5606Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 10:25On schedule
SU-5606AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 10:25On schedule
S7-4611S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 10:25On schedule
HZ-5436Aurora AirlinesIncheonJan 23, 11:25On schedule
SU-5436AeroflotIncheonJan 23, 11:25On schedule
JS-272Air KoryoPyongyangJan 23, 12:20On schedule
FV-6482RossiyaVnukovoJan 23, 12:30On schedule
SU-6482AeroflotVnukovoJan 23, 12:30On schedule
HZ-511Aurora AirlinesDalnegorskJan 23, 12:45On schedule
S7-545S7 AirlinesHong KongJan 23, 13:30On schedule
CX-6952Cathay PacificHong KongJan 23, 13:30On schedule
SU-3586AeroflotHong KongJan 23, 13:30On schedule
SQ-1969Singapore AirlinesHong KongJan 23, 13:30On schedule
S7-555S7 AirlinesIncheonJan 23, 13:45On schedule
OZ-6576Asiana airlinesIncheonJan 23, 13:45On schedule
SU-1703AeroflotSheremetyevoJan 23, 14:05On schedule
KE-982Korean AirlinesIncheonJan 23, 14:55On schedule
HZ-5602Aurora AirlinesKhabarovskJan 23, 16:00On schedule
SU-5602AeroflotKhabarovskJan 23, 16:00On schedule
HZ-5608Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 16:40On schedule
SU-5608AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 16:40On schedule
S7-4613S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 16:40On schedule
HZ-9755Aurora AirlinesYanjiJan 23, 19:10On schedule
CZ-8420China Southern AirlinesChangchunJan 23, 20:10On schedule
CZ-8320China Southern AirlinesHarbinJan 23, 23:50On schedule
FlightАirlinesDeparture (via)Date of flightStatus
HZ-5463Aurora AirlinesBusanJan 23, 00:10Arrival
SU-5463AeroflotBusanJan 23, 00:10Arrival
HZ-5435Aurora AirlinesIncheonJan 23, 01:30Arrival
SU-5435AeroflotIncheonJan 23, 01:30Arrival
HZ-5469Aurora AirlinesBeijingJan 23, 06:50On schedule
SU-5469AeroflotBeijingJan 23, 06:50On schedule
S7-4618S7 AirlinesBeijingJan 23, 06:50On schedule
S7-532S7 AirlinesShaghai (Pu Dong)Jan 23, 07:15On schedule
SU-1700AeroflotSheremetyevoJan 23, 07:35Delayed
S7-3279S7 AirlinesNovosibirskJan 23, 07:50On schedule
S7-506S7 AirlinesBeijingJan 23, 08:30On schedule
SU-3585AeroflotBeijingJan 23, 08:30On schedule
HZ-5603Aurora AirlinesKhabarovskJan 23, 09:40On schedule
SU-5603AeroflotKhabarovskJan 23, 09:40On schedule
FV-6481RossiyaVnukovoJan 23, 10:30On schedule
SU-6481AeroflotVnukovoJan 23, 10:30On schedule
JS-271Air KoryoPyongyangJan 23, 11:00On schedule
HZ-518Aurora AirlinesKavalerovoJan 23, 11:40On schedule
SU-1702AeroflotSheremetyevoJan 23, 12:20On schedule
S7-3208S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 12:50On schedule
SU-3861AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 12:50On schedule
BSA-MFISHBusinessAirVnukovoJan 23, 13:20On schedule
KE-981Korean AirlinesIncheonJan 23, 13:55On schedule
HZ-5615Aurora AirlinesP-KamchatskiyJan 23, 14:30On schedule
SU-5615AeroflotP-KamchatskiyJan 23, 14:30On schedule
HZ-5607Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 15:15On schedule
SU-5607AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 15:15On schedule
S7-4612S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 15:15On schedule
HZ-512Aurora AirlinesDalnegorskJan 23, 15:55On schedule
HZ-524Aurora AirlinesTerneyJan 23, 16:30On schedule
HZ-5437Aurora AirlinesIncheonJan 23, 16:35On schedule
SU-5437AeroflotIncheonJan 23, 16:35On schedule
S7-556S7 AirlinesIncheonJan 23, 19:05On schedule
OZ-6575Asiana airlinesIncheonJan 23, 19:05On schedule
CZ-8419China Southern AirlinesChangchunJan 23, 19:10On schedule
HZ-5601Aurora AirlinesKhabarovskJan 23, 20:25On schedule
SU-5601AeroflotKhabarovskJan 23, 20:25On schedule
HZ-5609Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 21:30On schedule
SU-5609AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 21:30On schedule
S7-4614S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskJan 23, 21:30On schedule
HZ-9756Aurora AirlinesYanjiJan 23, 22:10On schedule
CZ-8319China Southern AirlinesHarbinJan 23, 22:50On schedule
HZ-232Aurora AirlinesBlagoveschenskJan 23, 23:50On schedule
SU-4545AeroflotBlagoveschenskJan 23, 23:50On schedule
S7-546S7 AirlinesHong KongJan 24, 00:20On schedule
CX-6951Cathay PacificHong KongJan 24, 00:20On schedule
SU-3587AeroflotHong KongJan 24, 00:20On schedule
SQ-1954Singapore AirlinesHong KongJan 24, 00:20On schedule
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