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该机场以弗拉基米尔·阿塞尼耶夫(Vladimir Arsenyev)命名

该机场以弗拉基米尔·阿塞尼耶夫(Vladimir Arsenyev)命名


Each region has its hero – the person who feels and understands it. Primorye is very lucky in this sense. Arsenyev is a true hero with a capital H – military officer, traveler, writer and scholar.
Vladivostok International Airport took part in the all-Russia project “Great Names of Russia”. According to voting results, the air harbour of Primorye was named after the explorer of the Far East Vladimir Arsenyev. This is a worthy tribute to the man who once chose his land, roamed the length and breadth of it and covered it with a network of expedition routes – the person who opened the Ussury land for the world.

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