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  • Vladivostok airport selects the best “Mystery passenger” 29 2016

    On 29 December 2016, Vladivostok International Airport (JSC “VIA”) summed up results of its “Mystery passenger-2016” and “Mystery shopper-2016” programs. More than 60 membership applications and some 40 reports have been received from mystery passengers during the past years. All participants who submitted at least six reports and most informative reports will be awarded with valuable gifts.

  • Vladivostok Airport announces most punctual air carriers 22 2016

    Vladivostok International Airport (JSC “VIA”) resumes publication of its punctuality rating for airlines performing regular flights from the airport.

  • Vladivostok airport and VIM Airlines resume flights to Domodedovo 14 2016

    A new route, Vladivostok – Domodedovo, will appear in the time table of Vladivostok airport on October 22. Flights on this route are resumed by VIM Airlines.

  • Vladivostok airport opens direct air service to Bangkok 11 2016

    JSC “Vladivostok International Airport” announced direct regular flights Vladivostok – Bangkok – Vladivostok. This service will be operated by S7 Airlines.

  • Autumnal spotting sessions held in Vladivostok airport 06 2016

    The airport of Vladivostok organized an event for all aviation enthusiasts in the first days of October – aircraft spotting and plein air. The spotting event was held in two sessions on October 04 and October 05.

  • Vladivostok airport took part in World Routes 2016 30 2016

    JSC “Vladivostok International Airport” took part in the 22nd World Route Development Forum “World Routes 2016” held in Chengdu, China on September 24–27, 2016.

  • Vladivostok airport hosting Far Eastern felines 26 2016

    A unique photo exhibition opened in Vladivostok International Airport on the eve of the Tiger Day. It displays Siberian tigers and Amur leopards ranking among the world’s rarest cats.

  • First flight to Omsk departed from Vladivostok airport 19 2016

    A new flight bound to Omsk, one of the largest Siberian cities, appeared in the schedule of Vladivostok airport on September 19, 2016. Flights along the route Vladivostok – Irkutsk – Omsk will be operated by IrAero Airlines.

  • Vladivostok airport welcomed “Tiger Flight” 19 2016

    Today, on September 12, 2016, the airport of Vladivostok met Flight No. 6481 operated by Rossiya Airlines painted as a tiger. The “Tiger Flight” made its first honorary flight to Far East in new paints to terminal of Primorye.

  • Record breaking passenger flow in Vladivostok airport in August 12 2016

    By results of August 2016, total passenger flow handled by the Vladivostok airport amounted to a record high of 217,000 people which is 9% more than a year ago. The number of passengers carried by international lines in August was also a record high reaching 68,000 people which is 29% more than in 2015.


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