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FlightDestination (via)АirlinesDate of flightStatusType of aircraftTerminal
HZ-5468BeijingAurora Airlines27 Feb 00:50DepartedAirbus 319АМ
S7-4617BeijingS7 Airlines27 Feb 00:50DepartedAirbus 319АМ
SU-5468BeijingAeroflot27 Feb 00:50DepartedAirbus 319АМ
S7-541BangkokS7 Airlines27 Feb 01:25DepartedBoeing 767АМ
HZ-5614P-KamchatskiyAurora Airlines27 Feb 06:00DepartedAirbus 319«A» DA
SU-5614P-KamchatskiyAeroflot27 Feb 06:00DepartedAirbus 319«A» DA
HZ-5600KhabarovskAurora Airlines27 Feb 07:10DepartedAirbus 319«A» DA
SU-5600KhabarovskAeroflot27 Feb 07:10DepartedAirbus 319«A» DA
S7-3207Yuzno-SakhalinskS7 Airlines27 Feb 08:10DepartedAirbus 320«A» DA
SU-3860Yuzno-SakhalinskAeroflot27 Feb 08:10DepartedAirbus 320«A» DA
S7-3280NovosibirskS7 Airlines27 Feb 08:50DepartedAirbus 320«A» DA
HZ-517KavalerovoAurora Airlines27 Feb 09:00DepartedDe Havilland 6«A» DA
SU-1701Moskow/SheremetyevoAeroflot27 Feb 09:20DepartedAirbus 330«A» DA
HZ-523TerneyAurora Airlines27 Feb 09:25DepartedDe Havilland 6«A» DA
HZ-509DalnerechinskAurora Airlines27 Feb 09:40On scheduleDe Havilland 6«A» DA
HZ-5606Yuzno-SakhalinskAurora Airlines27 Feb 10:25On scheduleAirbus 319«A» DA
S7-4611Yuzno-SakhalinskS7 Airlines27 Feb 10:25On scheduleAirbus 319«A» DA
SU-5606Yuzno-SakhalinskAeroflot27 Feb 10:25On scheduleAirbus 319«A» DA
HZ-5436Seoul/IncheonAurora Airlines27 Feb 11:25On scheduleAirbus 319АМ
SU-5436Seoul/IncheonAeroflot27 Feb 11:25On scheduleAirbus 319АМ
JS-272PyongyangAir Koryo27 Feb 12:20On scheduleИл-62АМ
FV-6482Moskow/VnukovoRossiya27 Feb 12:30On scheduleBoeing 777«A» DA
SU-6482Moskow/VnukovoAeroflot27 Feb 12:30On scheduleBoeing 777«A» DA
HZ-511DalnegorskAurora Airlines27 Feb 12:45On scheduleDe Havilland 6«A» DA
CX-6952Hong KongCathay Pacific27 Feb 13:30On scheduleAirbus 320АМ
S7-545Hong KongS7 Airlines27 Feb 13:30On scheduleAirbus 320АМ
SQ-1969Hong KongSingapore Airlines27 Feb 13:30On scheduleAirbus 320АМ
SU-3586Hong KongAeroflot27 Feb 13:30On scheduleAirbus 320АМ
OZ-6576Seoul/IncheonAsiana airlines27 Feb 13:45On scheduleAirbus 320АМ
S7-555Seoul/IncheonS7 Airlines27 Feb 13:45On scheduleAirbus 320АМ
HZ-527KavalerovoAurora Airlines27 Feb 14:00On scheduleDe Havilland 6«A» DA
SU-1703Moskow/SheremetyevoAeroflot27 Feb 14:05On scheduleAirbus 330«A» DA
KE-982Seoul/IncheonKorean Airlines27 Feb 14:55On scheduleBoeing 737АМ
HZ-5602KhabarovskAurora Airlines27 Feb 16:00On scheduleAirbus 319«A» DA
SU-5602KhabarovskAeroflot27 Feb 16:00On scheduleAirbus 319«A» DA
HZ-5608Yuzno-SakhalinskAurora Airlines27 Feb 16:40On scheduleAirbus 319«A» DA
S7-4613Yuzno-SakhalinskS7 Airlines27 Feb 16:40On scheduleAirbus 319«A» DA
SU-5608Yuzno-SakhalinskAeroflot27 Feb 16:40On scheduleAirbus 319«A» DA
HZ-1755YanjiAurora Airlines27 Feb 19:10On scheduleAirbus 319АМ
CZ-8420ChangchunChina Southern Airlines27 Feb 20:10On scheduleAirbus 320АМ
CZ-8320HarbinChina Southern Airlines27 Feb 23:50On scheduleAirbus 320АМ
Time of arrival and departure of Vladivostok
«A» – new terminal
«B» – old terminal
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