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Seasonal cloakroom

The left luggage room provides a “seasonal cloakroom” service for passengers departing to countries with a tropical climate and willing to leave their outerwear and footwear for temporary storage.

Please take note that only outerwear and footwear with declared value will be accepted to the cloakroom from passengers (customers). A fee equal to 4% of the sum by which minimum declared value is exceeded will be charged for storage of a set of outerwear and pair of footwear with their declared value exceeding the minimum amount (1,000 rubles is a minimum declared value for a set of outerwear and/or pair of footwear).

Seasonal Cloakroom rates:


Unit of measurement

Price including VAT (rubles)

Storage of a set of outwear and one pair of footwear

2 units/day


Storage of a set of outwear



Storage of one pair of footwear



The cloakroom service is available 24 hours a day in the left luggage room on the first level of the passenger terminal behind the escalator.

Cloakroom telephone: (423) 230-67-54 ext. 4922

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