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The good news

Vladivostok Airport and VietJetAir agreed to establish regular communication between Vladivostok and cities of Vietnam. More...





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Reminder to travelers

Please complete your own check-in and your baggage check-in at the terminal during the interval from 2 hours to 40 minutes prior to departure.

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FlightАirlinesDestination (via)Date of flightStatus
S7-505S7 AirlinesBeijingOct 26, 01:45Departured
Y7-564NordStar AirlinesKrasnoyarsk
Oct 26, 05:30Departured
HZ-5614Aurora AirlinesPetropavlovsk-KamchaOct 26, 06:00Departured
SU-5614AeroflotPetropavlovsk-KamchaOct 26, 06:00Departured
HZ-5612Aurora AirlinesMagadan
Oct 26, 07:10Departured
Oct 26, 07:10Departured
SU-1701AeroflotSheremetyevoOct 26, 09:25Departured
S7-3274S7 AirlinesNovosibirsk
Oct 26, 11:10Delayed
HZ-5603Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskOct 26, 11:15Delayed
SU-5603AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskOct 26, 11:15Delayed
U6-286Ural AirlinesEkaterinburg
Oct 26, 11:20On schedule
HZ-5636Aurora AirlinesIncheonOct 26, 11:25Delayed
SU-5636AeroflotIncheonOct 26, 11:25Delayed
S7-545S7 AirlinesHong KongOct 26, 12:35On schedule
CX-6952CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS LIMITEDHong KongOct 26, 12:35On schedule
UN-124TransaeroDomodedovoOct 26, 12:55On schedule
SU-1703AeroflotSheremetyevoOct 26, 13:15On schedule
KE-982Korean AirlinesIncheonOct 26, 14:55On schedule
UN-122TransaeroVnukovoOct 26, 16:50On schedule
HZ-5662Aurora AirlinesBusanOct 26, 17:40On schedule
SU-5662AeroflotBusanOct 26, 17:40On schedule
HZ-5607Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskOct 26, 18:40On schedule
SU-5607AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskOct 26, 18:40On schedule
HZ-5614Aurora AirlinesPetropavlovsk-KamchaOct 27, 06:00On schedule
SU-5614AeroflotPetropavlovsk-KamchaOct 27, 06:00On schedule
S7-3209S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskOct 27, 06:30On schedule
HZ-5612Aurora AirlinesMagadan
Oct 27, 07:10On schedule
Oct 27, 07:10On schedule
SU-1701AeroflotSheremetyevoOct 27, 09:20On schedule
HZ-5622Aurora AirlinesKhabarovskOct 27, 10:20On schedule
SU-5622AeroflotKhabarovskOct 27, 10:20On schedule
FlightАirlinesDeparture (via)Date of flightStatus
HZ-5647Aurora AirlinesYakutskOct 26, 05:25Arrival
SU-5647AeroflotYakutskOct 26, 05:25Arrival
HZ-5691Aurora AirlinesNovosibirsk
Oct 26, 06:25Delayed
Oct 26, 06:25Delayed
S7-506S7 AirlinesBeijing
Oct 26, 07:20Delayed
SU-1700AeroflotSheremetyevoOct 26, 07:35Arrival
S7-3273S7 AirlinesNovosibirsk
Oct 26, 09:10Arrival
UN-123TransaeroDomodedovoOct 26, 09:55Arrival
HZ-5602Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskOct 26, 10:05Delayed
SU-5602AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskOct 26, 10:05Delayed
U6-285Ural AirlinesEkaterinburg
Oct 26, 10:30Arrival
SU-1702AeroflotSheremetyevoOct 26, 11:15Delayed
HZ-5623Aurora AirlinesKhabarovskOct 26, 12:40On schedule
SU-5623AeroflotKhabarovskOct 26, 12:40On schedule
KE-981Korean AirlinesIncheonOct 26, 13:55On schedule
UN-121TransaeroVnukovoOct 26, 14:20On schedule
HZ-5615Aurora AirlinesPetropavlovsk-KamchaOct 26, 14:30On schedule
SU-5615AeroflotPetropavlovsk-KamchaOct 26, 14:30On schedule
HZ-5637Aurora AirlinesIncheonOct 26, 16:35On schedule
SU-5637AeroflotIncheonOct 26, 16:35On schedule
HZ-5613Aurora AirlinesMagadan
Oct 26, 20:15On schedule
Oct 26, 20:15On schedule
HZ-5663Aurora AirlinesBusanOct 26, 23:00On schedule
SU-5663AeroflotBusanOct 26, 23:00On schedule
S7-546S7 AirlinesHong KongOct 26, 23:55On schedule
CX-6951CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS LIMITEDHong KongOct 26, 23:55On schedule
JEF-11JETFLITENovosibirskOct 27, 07:00On schedule
SU-1700AeroflotSheremetyevoOct 27, 07:25On schedule
Oct 27, 09:40On schedule
HZ-5643Aurora AirlinesNovosibirsk
Oct 27, 09:40On schedule
JS-271Air KoryoPyongyangOct 27, 11:00On schedule
UN-123TransaeroDomodedovoOct 27, 11:10On schedule
S7-3210S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskOct 27, 11:20On schedule
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