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The good news

The passenger traffic in Vladivostok Airport grew by 11% in February. More...

Reminder to travelers

Please complete your own check-in and your baggage check-in at the terminal during the interval from 2 hours to 40 minutes prior to departure.

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that the e-ticket much more convenient?!

FlightАirlinesDestination (via)Date of flightStatus
CZ-8622China Southern Airlines Co. LtdChangchunAug 28, 00:30Departed
S7-505S7 AirlinesBeijingAug 28, 02:35On schedule
HZ-231Aurora AirlinesBlagoveschenskAug 28, 04:35On schedule
SU-4544AeroflotBlagoveschenskAug 28, 04:35On schedule
Aug 28, 05:00On schedule
S7-3209S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 07:05On schedule
HZ-5614Aurora AirlinesPetropavlovsk-KamchaAug 28, 07:10On schedule
SU-5614AeroflotPetropavlovsk-KamchaAug 28, 07:10On schedule
HZ-5612Aurora AirlinesMagadan
Aug 28, 07:50On schedule
Aug 28, 07:50On schedule
HZ-523Aurora AirlinesТернейAug 28, 09:00On schedule
SU-1701AeroflotSheremetyevoAug 28, 09:15On schedule
HZ-517Aurora AirlinesKavalerovoAug 28, 09:25On schedule
HZ-5606Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 10:10On schedule
SU-5606AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 10:10On schedule
S7-4611S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 10:10On schedule
HZ-5436Aurora AirlinesIncheonAug 28, 11:00On schedule
SU-5436AeroflotIncheonAug 28, 11:00On schedule
HZ-5472Aurora AirlinesHarbinAug 28, 11:15On schedule
SU-5472AeroflotHarbinAug 28, 11:15On schedule
U6-385Ural AirlinesPetropavlovsk-KamchaAug 28, 12:25On schedule
FV-6482РоссияVnukovoAug 28, 12:30On schedule
SU-6482AeroflotVnukovoAug 28, 12:30On schedule
S7-565S7 AirlinesNaritaAug 28, 13:30On schedule
JL-7098Japan AirlinesNaritaAug 28, 13:30On schedule
SU-1703AeroflotSheremetyevoAug 28, 14:00On schedule
KE-982Korean AirlinesIncheonAug 28, 14:50On schedule
HZ-5608Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 17:00On schedule
SU-5608AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 17:00On schedule
S7-4613S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 17:00On schedule
HZ-527Aurora AirlinesKavalerovoAug 28, 17:05On schedule
HZ-5690Aurora AirlinesNovosibirskAug 28, 17:30On schedule
SU-5690AeroflotNovosibirskAug 28, 17:30On schedule
HZ-5462Aurora AirlinesBusanAug 28, 17:40On schedule
SU-5462AeroflotBusanAug 28, 17:40On schedule
HZ-5640Aurora AirlinesKrasnoyarsk
Aug 28, 17:50On schedule
Aug 28, 17:50On schedule
U6-386Ural AirlinesPulkovo
(Irkutsk, Ekaterinburg )
Aug 28, 22:30On schedule
HZ-9755Aurora AirlinesYanjiAug 28, 22:35Canceled
HZ-5470Aurora AirlinesDalianAug 28, 23:25On schedule
SU-5470AeroflotDalianAug 28, 23:25On schedule
S7-531S7 AirlinesShaghai (PU DONG)Aug 29, 00:20On schedule
FlightАirlinesDeparture (via)Date of flightStatus
HZ-232Aurora AirlinesBlagoveschenskAug 28, 00:20Delayed
SU-4545AeroflotBlagoveschenskAug 28, 00:20Delayed
Aug 28, 03:25Early arrival
S7-3273S7 AirlinesNovosibirsk
Aug 28, 05:20On schedule
HZ-5647Aurora AirlinesYakutskAug 28, 06:00On schedule
SU-5647AeroflotYakutskAug 28, 06:00On schedule
HZ-5691Aurora AirlinesNovosibirskAug 28, 06:25On schedule
SU-5691AeroflotNovosibirskAug 28, 06:25On schedule
SU-1700AeroflotSheremetyevoAug 28, 07:25On schedule
HZ-5641Aurora AirlinesKrasnoyarsk
Aug 28, 09:45On schedule
Aug 28, 09:45On schedule
FV-6481РоссияVnukovoAug 28, 10:30On schedule
SU-6481AeroflotVnukovoAug 28, 10:30On schedule
U6-385Ural AirlinesPulkovo
(Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk )
Aug 28, 11:05On schedule
S7-3210S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 12:00On schedule
SU-1702AeroflotSheremetyevoAug 28, 12:15On schedule
KE-981Korean AirlinesIncheonAug 28, 13:50On schedule
HZ-5607Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 14:45On schedule
SU-5607AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 14:45On schedule
S7-4612S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 14:45On schedule
HZ-5473Aurora AirlinesHarbinAug 28, 14:50On schedule
SU-5473AeroflotHarbinAug 28, 14:50On schedule
HZ-5615Aurora AirlinesPetropavlovsk-KamchaAug 28, 15:20On schedule
SU-5615AeroflotPetropavlovsk-KamchaAug 28, 15:20On schedule
HZ-5437Aurora AirlinesIncheonAug 28, 16:00On schedule
SU-5437AeroflotIncheonAug 28, 16:00On schedule
HZ-524Aurora AirlinesТернейAug 28, 16:15On schedule
HZ-518Aurora AirlinesKavalerovoAug 28, 17:45On schedule
S7-566S7 AirlinesNaritaAug 28, 19:15On schedule
JL-7099Japan AirlinesNaritaAug 28, 19:15On schedule
HZ-528Aurora AirlinesKavalerovoAug 28, 19:45On schedule
U6-386Ural AirlinesPetropavlovsk-KamchaAug 28, 20:40On schedule
HZ-5613Aurora AirlinesMagadan
Aug 28, 21:00On schedule
Aug 28, 21:00On schedule
HZ-5609Aurora AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 21:30On schedule
SU-5609AeroflotYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 21:30On schedule
S7-4614S7 AirlinesYuzno-SakhalinskAug 28, 21:30On schedule
HZ-5463Aurora AirlinesBusanAug 28, 22:40On schedule
SU-5463AeroflotBusanAug 28, 22:40On schedule
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